Flocculants, Clarifiers, and Cloudy Water

Flocculants, Clarifiers, and Cloudy Water

Flocculants, Clarifiers, and Cloudy Water | Flohr Pools

Over the course of your pool ownership, you may deal with cloudy water. Cloudy water can be caused by a variety of factors, mainly chemical balance or filtration. If you happen to develop cloudy water in your pool, the best place to start is your chemical balance. Check your pH and Chlorine levels and make sure they are balanced properly: pH 7.2-7.8 and chlorine above 3.0ppm.

But what if your chemicals are balanced and your water is still cloudy? If this is your scenario, there are several options to try.

The first option is the easiest: using a clarifier. Using a clarifier, such as Bluetrol Plus, restores water sparkle for all types of pools. Bluetrol Plus is a clarifier that binds micro particles together that might be slipping through the filter. In other words, it takes the very small particles that can slide through your filter and cloud the water, and brings them together to create larger particles that will be caught by your filter. Clarifiers can be used regularly to give your water a sharp clarity, or when your water is very cloudy and needs work. If you choose a clarifier to clear up your cloudy water, watch your filter’s pressure and be ready to clean it out. A clarifier depends on your filter to pull the particles out of the water; therefore you may need to backwash your filter after using Bluetrol.

Another option to eliminate cloudy water is using a flocculent, like Maxi Flock. Maxi Flock settles cloudiness and debris to the bottom of your pool and allows you to vacuum it out of the pool. It is IMPORTANT to note, that a flocculent can cause damage to the fibers of a D.E. Filter, and should NOT be used with D.E. Filtered pools. On the other hand, flocculants work great with sand filters. A flocculent calls for a little more work from the pool owner than a clarifier does, however, it works much quicker than a clarifier. As you add the flocculent to the pool, allow it to circulate through the water for 2 hours before turning off your filtering system. Most people wait till evening to do this. By the next morning, the flocculent should have had time enough to work, clearing your pool of the debris and dropping it all to the pool’s bottom. In other words, the water should be clear, but the pool floor will be dirty. To remove the particles that created the cloudy water, you will need to vacuum the pool. It is very important to note that the particles that created the cloudiness were able to get through the filter, so vacuuming as you would normally, will only push the particles through the filter and back into the pool. You must vacuum your water to waste, allowing for the debris to exit the pool. Because you are “Wasting” the water, you will want to vacuum efficiently. You may need to vacuum several times over a few hours to pull out all the debris.

Posted by Mark Flohr