Why you should skip the traveling expos!

Why you should skip the traveling expos!

Skip Traveling Expos | Flohr Pools

Traveling expos are like a traveling circus - here today and gone tomorrow. Perhaps you have heard about these traveling hot tub expos that tell you to "bypass local dealers to save thousands" on a hot tub. There are many problems to these offers. These traveling expos are here-today, gone-tomorrow trying to unload the hot tubs they bring with them for a weekend. Before you stop by and check them out, you may want to consider these reasons to skip the traveling expos:

High Pressure Sales. The sales reps at these traveling expos are expertly trained for high pressure sales and are brought in specifically for these events. They are commissioned based and will do almost anything to close the deal on the expo floor. In other words they will do what they can to get you to make a decision immediately. The pressure will be on to purchase the models on the floor rather than allow you to custom order the colors you want instead. At Flohr Pools, we think that it’s best to take your time when considering a hot tub to your home or backyard. It’s an investment for years to come and we want you to pick the right brand. We even suggest scheduling a backyard consultation before purchase and delivery.

Cheap Spa is a Cheap Spa. A cheap hot tub will perform and LAST like a cheap hot tub. You might think you are getting a good deal and saving thousands. Some of our customers that tried this route lost thousands on spas that do not last. They had buyer's remorse, let Flohr Pools save you from buyer's remorse. We offer only the best hot tub brands in the industry, backed by trained service personnel and manufacturers warranties.

Local Service and Repairs. When a cheap hot tub needs parts or service, who do you call to get it? Your salesperson does not care they received their commission already. He is already in another city at another expo. When you have questions or need service, you should be able to get immediate answers and help from local service team members that care.

Home or Backyard Consultation. Hot tubs come in different sizes, options, and accessories; they are not a one size fits all purchase. To get the hot tub experience that’s right for you, your family, home and budget, we suggest working with a hot tub expert who understands the products and can help you select the model that works best for you.

Try Before You Buy. Traveling expos do not let you "try before you buy" in a proper test soak. And if they do have one spa filled with water, who wants to de-robe in a bathing suit in an expo full of people? It is important to do a test soak before purchasing a hot tub - just like test driving a car before purchasing one. Each model is different and the jets may be placed in a better position in one hot model versus another. Other features and options may help you in your decision making process during a test soak. At Flohr Pools, we recommend and almost insist that you come in for a test soak before making your final decision on a hot tub model.

Delivery & Installation. The best hot tubs that are expertly built are not “plug-n-play.” It takes an expert crew to deliver and install a hot tub correctly for many years of enjoyment.

Flohr Pools is Invested. Flohr Pools is invested in you and our community. We rely on referrals to maintain a strong business so we only sell great products and offer great service. Our business is here, we live here, we care about what happens here! Traveling expos only care about the sale. Once they have packed up and moved on, they don't think about the customer or the products they sold to them.

At Flohr Pools, we have a large selection of hot tubs to meet the needs of any budget. Click here to request a free backyard consultation and let us help you find the hot tub that’s right for you!

Posted by Mark Flohr