Do the manufacturer and the dealer make a difference?

Part of the investment process is deciding on whom to work. Far too often this is an after thought and this can lead to disappointment in the hot tub experience.

A dealer will usually fall short if the brand they represent is not top of the line. And a number one brand will also fall short with out local back up from the dealer. Look for a number one brand hot tub coupled with local support.

Most manufacturer can present a proper front end (displays/brochures/sales aids) but only the ones that do significant volume have the back end support to have dedicated parts staff and technical staff, warranty staff to really support the product post delivery. It is worthy to recognize that a manufacturer that produces 3500 to 5000 hot tubs a year will not have the support of a manufacturer the has volumes of 30,000 to 50,000. The facts show that the producers of hot tubs have been reduced by 35 percent during the last 8 years.

Good questions to ask:

  • How long have they produced hot tubs?
  • Are the written warranties readily available?
  • Where does the ownership of the company reside?
  • What is the hot tub volume?
  • What do they produce verses assemble?
  • How do they rank in the front end and more important the back end (digital parts charts, technical staff)?
  • From the end user view the top manufacturer produces a better value (price to benefit) simply do to the economics if scale/more volume. Also the top manufacturer has a better assortment because it has the resources to do so. True innovation can only come from ones that produce significant volume.
  • What inovation has come from them in the last 2 years and what is in horizon?
  • Or are they the same “me to” product?
  • Call the manufacturer? What feeling do you get then you call? Ask for warranty department, the customer service department, and technical assistance.

Questions to ask it look at when you are at your local hot tub store:

  • Do they have 15 to 20 units on display?
  • How many of these have water in and are in operation?
  • When you talk do they know the product?
  • Ask about delivery
  • Ask about service.
  • Do they offer after sale services?
  • Do they do enough volume to be able to support you after the sale?
  • How long have they been selling hot tubs and what else is the business?
  • Do the verbal warranties match up to the manufacturer warranty?
  • How long have they sold the brand they sell?
  • How many brands do they sell?
  • Remember one with the other is a no go.
  • Check them both out for hot tub happiness
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