Electrical Tips for Your Hot Tub

Tip One
  • Get the written instructions from the Manufacturer.
  • Top manufactures are very particular with electrical requirements.
  • Even the same manufacturer often has different requirements from hot tub to hot tub.
  • Read the serial number and verify you have the correct directions for your hot tub. If someone tells you all hot tubs are the same, keep reading.
Tip Two
  • Follow the NEC Code. Be advised that the Code calls for a disconnect within eyesight of the hot tub and may not be within 10 feet of the water.
Tip Three
  • Read the written directions and more importantly follow them. These are written for a reason and it is easier to do it right the first time than to have to do it second time.
Tip Four
  • Use an electrician that is licensed and follows manufactures hot tub requirements. A licensed contractor that is licensed is a good sign that you can rely on the work that they perform. When they ask for the manufacture requirements this sets them apart for most in their field.
Tip Five
  • Ask your salesperson for electrician suggestions. They know part of your hot tub experience is electrical, so they will point you in the right direction.
Tip Six
  • Any wiring outside the home, should be in conduit.