Caldera Take Your Wellness from the Water

Been looking for the perfect hot tub? Now is the perfect time to purchase during our Take Your Wellness from the Water Event! Feel the relaxation of Caldera Circuit Therapy with a new Caldera hot tub! Caldera Spas offers comfort, design, and performance in it’s top of the line hot tubs! Don’t just take our word for it. Here are 12 reasons to get a hot tub TODAY:

  1. Recover Faster- Increases Blood Circulation by up to 120%
  2. Feel Better- Improve Your Mental and Physical Health
  3. Experience Hydrotherapy- Rehabilitates Muscles and Relieves Pain
  4. Sleep Better- Raises Body Temperature, Allowing for a Better and Natural Night’s Sleep
  5. Increases Mobility- Reduces Joint Inflammation Allowing for a Wider Range of Physical Movement
  6. Enhance Mood- Elevates Your Mood and Naturally Relaxes Your Entire Body
  7. Reconnect the Family- Brings the Entire Family together and Strengthens Relationships
  8. Reduce Stress-Reduces Not Only Physical Stress but also Mental Street
  9. Relax your Mind-Disconnect and Decompress from Your Day
  10. Emerge Renewed- Immerse in Warm Water and Feel as Though All is Right in the World
  11. 11. Relieve Joint Stress- Less Stress on Your Joints by Reducing Your Body Weight by 90%
  12. 12. Every Day Made Better- Soaking in a Spa Regularly Improves All Aspects of Your Life
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