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A soak in the warm, swirling waters of your hot spa or tub is more than just luxury. It's now practically a necessity for improved health and a good night's sleep. We offer the widest selection of hot spas in town. At Flohr Pools, we have the perfect hot spas and hot tubs to fit your needs! Click here to see some of our recent Hot Tub installations in the Pennsylvania / Maryland / West Virginia area. We offer the widest selection of hot spas in town, including:

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Hot Spring Flohr Pools

At Flohr Pools, we are an award-winning hot spa dealer that provides extraordinary service to our customers. Our unmatched customer service is demonstrated by our thousands of satisfied customers. We are also one of the largest Hot Spring dealers in the world.

Caldera Spas Flohr Pools

Flohr Pools carries the complete lineup of Caldera Spas. As the exclusive Caldera dealer in our area and with years of hot tub and hot spa expertise we are certain to find the fit for you.

Freeflow Spas Flohr Pools

Freeflow Spas are incredibly durable because our manufacturing process produces a strong unibody (one-piece) hot tub shell, eliminating the need for an internal support frame. By reducing material and labor costs, we bring you a premium hot spa experience at a more affordable price. Freeflow Spas are manufactured using rotational molding making them extremely durable and more affordable than acrylic hot tubs.

Hot Spot Spas Flohr Pools

Flohr Pools carry the complete lineup of Hot Spot Spas. Hot Spot Spas are the best value and you know there’s a lot more to it than price. Value is a brand you can trust. It’s quality features that work and stand up to everyday use. Easy care, low maintenance and energy efficiency. Service that’s there if you need it, backed by a solid warranty. Value is features and quality at a price that fits your budget.