What type of in ground pool is best for me? (Fiberglass vs Vinyl)

Both of these pools are great choices. Some owners choose one over the other based on personal choices.

The vinyl pools offer a wide selection of designs and can be expanded without a lot of engineering and design issues. These can be as simple as a rectangle or as elaborate as a free form mountain lake. Expansion and customization ranks high on the benefits of these pools.

Fiberglass pools are manufactured off site. Usually they are shipped on flat bed tractor trailers to the construction site. They are made on molds and many styles are available to chose from. Limitations on fiberglass pools are maximum width of 16 feet and maximum length of 42 feet (due to shipping). Most of these pools are shallow depth 3’ to (5 or 6’). Recently we added two pools that do meet the ANSI type 1 category that would allow the use of a diving board.

We are available to go over details on both of these construction methods.

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