Where To Install Your Hot Spa

Where To Install Your Hot Spa


So, you've just decided to purchase a hot spa and are wondering where the best place to install is. We've gathered some tips we frequently provide for customers.

TIP 1: Close to your house

You want the hot spa or tub as close to the back door as possible so that you’re only steps away from a warm soak. Think it might look better at the back of your yard? Maybe. But on cold, rainy nights you’ll be glad your hot tub is near the nearest door. You’ll also want it convenient to a bathroom for drying and changing. You’ll also need a spigot within reach and a hose bib for filling. Trying to keep the hot spa as close to your house as you can

TIP 2: Choose a spot based on purpose

If you expect to use the tub mostly for adult relaxation, you might choose a more secluded spot in the back yard. If it’s for family gatherings, put it closer to the gathering spot. Thinking about how your yard and home act as a social area can help you find the perfect spot to place your hot spa. Whether you want it to be a hub of activity or an area for secluded relaxation can change your idea of where it should be placed.

TIP 3: Landscape and Aesthetics

Consider the sights you'll see while sitting in your hot spa as well as the aesthetic enhancement the tub brings to your yard. You want to think about how everything will interact with each other. Also, be sure to avoid tree limbs to prevent injury or falling sticks/leaves from getting into the tub. If you’re running electricity from your house, consider adding some outdoor lighting and music for extra ambiance. Adding landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, flowers, arbors, planters, potted plants, hanging baskets, and water features such as waterfalls and fountains can elevate the relaxing ambiance. Add personal touches to your hot spa to make it feel like home.

TIP 4: Good foundation

Put your hot spa or tub on a firm foundation, whether a deck or patio with a cement pad, concrete pavers, brick or pre-fab alternative. If you’re building a new deck or patio, pick the hot spa you want first so you can integrate it with the design. The hot spa or tub can be mounted freestanding (with no hole in the decking), flush with the deck surface, or partly exposed.

TIP 5: Covering for privacy/vacation feeling

To make your hot spa into a secluded, peaceful area of your home, a few simple privacy tips can make all the difference. Patio coverings can enhance privacy with post-and-lattice designs in a wide choice of woods, sealants, stains or paints, perhaps with flowering or fragrant vines growing on the lattice. For an even cozier, more elaborate getaway, consider a decorative gazebo, maybe with sliding windows, pitched roofs or combination roofs.

Posted by Mark Flohr