Where should I place my pool?

Here are a few important questions we’ll ask to help you determine the optimum placement:

  • Do you have a plot of my property?
  • Can you pinpoint where the sewer service leaves the house and crosses the yard?
  • Are you on private sewer service or public? If private does the plat show the location of the waste system? Can I pinpoint the water service to the house? Is it a private well or public supply. Can I pinpoint the path the line travels? Other utilities need to be considered.
  • How about electric/phone/or cable service to the house or out buildings? Is it overhead or underground? Does your property have set backs either by deed or by government zoning?
  • Finally what is the topography of the yard.? What area gets daily sun? Many pool owners also have covered gazebo or pavilion for cook outs by the pool. Where might this be placed to have a out door recreation creation? Flohr Pools does offer on site surveys for in-ground pools.

It is best to gather the above information as this is where we will start.

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