Why Get A Hot Tub? To Improve your health!

Why Get A Hot Tub? To Improve your health!

The pros of owning a hot tub are endless, but we’ve listed a few of our favorites here.

Soak Away Your Stress- and get better sleep while you’re at it!

Do you have a high-stress job? Lots of long, busy days? Hot water has traditionally been used as a therapeutic way to bring down your stress levels and relax your body after a busy, stressful day. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation recommends soaking in a hot tub or bath as a way to relax, overcome anxiety and achieve better and deeper sleep. Researchers at Washington State University's National Aquatic & Sports Medicine Institute think it's because hot water immersion helps balance the subsystems of your autonomic nervous system. Could soaking in a hot tub be your key to relaxation and a better night’s sleep?

Reduce Pain and Inflammation

The heat and the buoyancy of a hot tub offers several benefits to people who suffer from various injuries and pain, including lower back pain and arthritis. For example, the Arthritis Foundation reports that the heat helps minimize inflammation and swelling while boosting circulation, while the water helps reduce the gravitational pressure on sore limbs and joints. The massaging action of one of our premium hot tubs could help you reduce pain and inflammation and feel healthier.

Better, Faster Recovery from Injuries and Muscle Problems

If you're experiencing sore or tight muscles after exercising, dipping into a hot tub after working out can help loosen sore or tight muscle tissues. For the best results, rub the tight muscles while you're in the hot tub. Use the massage options in the hot tub to start easing your tired muscles. Hot tubs can also help with sports-related injuries. Soaking in hot water, starting three or four days after the initial injury, can improve healing. It may help by reducing muscle spasms, boosting your circulation and minimizing pain.

Posted by Mark Flohr